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Fraud Protection

Brella is a free mobile app that helps protect you from fraud by sending alerts when your card is used so you can quickly detect unauthorized activity. You choose which alerts to receive and when. Alerts include:

  • Purchases exceeding thresholds you set.
  • Purchases made via the internet or over the phone.
  • Suspicious or high-risk purchases.

With Brella you can also

  • Check your account balance without logging in with the Quick Balance feature.
  • Find nearby ATMs.
  • Submit travel notices.
  • Log in with just your fingerprint.

Start Using Brella Today

Download the app today for either your Apple or Android device. You may also access the Brella application from your personal computer or laptop via the web based interface.

Get it on Google Play

Once you have downloaded the app to your smartphone visit the Brella Enrollment page for more information on enrolling your card(s).

Feel Secure

Rest assured that none of your personal information will be at risk by using the Brella application. The application does not store your password, Social Security Number (SSN), PIN, card number, or account information on your device. All communication between your device and Shazam is secured using the same technology used by our online banking application. For more information about keeping your mobile devices secure visit our mobile security page.

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